To support the ministry at Hope Lutheran Church:


Wish list

We have a large number of budgetary line items that could be funded as a sponsored gift. For example: a member currently funds the communion wine, which eliminates about $20 of monthly expenses for the church. Another member may want to pay for offering envelopes, a month’s worth of postage, or flowers for the altar when no one signs up. Any number of items could be considered. There is a form that should accompany any request for something to be added to the WISH LIST as well as contributing toward the purchase of a WISH LIST item.

If you want a receipt for your donation, plz add your envelope # or contact the church secretary.  

Please remember that this is not intended to replace regular giving.

The following needs have been identified by the council or the voters of Hope. (All costs are estimates.) If you are interested in helping toward one or more of these items, please contact Pastor Baldwin or a member of the church council.

Wish List Form

items needed

  • Two Oreck XL Commercial vacuums ($170 ea.)
  • Upgrade and refresh our first aid kits in church, hall and kitchen ($100)
  • New 30 ft. aluminum flagpole for front of church, includes flag ($2919)

Items Fulfilled

Thank you for the following wish list items which have already been funded:

  • Upgrading the lighting in the older part of the Fellowship Hall to LED ($700)
  • Heavy duty utility cart
  • All banners now have been funded!
  • Gas cans have been funded!
  • Artificial flower arrangements for use when we don’t have funded real flowers (three seasonal arrangements at $50 each)
  • Touchless motion activated light switch for bathrooms, 3 needed ($35 ea.) 
  • Touchless bathroom door opener Step-N-Pull, 3 needed ($30 ea.)
  • Touchless hand-soap dispensers for bathrooms, 5 needed  ($40 ea.)
  • Live-streaming camera ($1100) This will allow continued FB live-stream without the need of a tripod and cell phone
  • New Paraments for the altar (ALL HAVE BEEN funded)
  • Gutter protection ($1,330)
  • Three ADA-compliant toilets for handicapped stalls ($600)
  • New robe for our Pastor ($310)
  • Zero-Turn mower (approximately $5,000)
  • New sound system for pavilion keyboard ($500) 
  • New Desktop printer ($220)
  • Digital Mixer for sound system and peripherals ($5000)
  • TV & stand for media cart (approx. $250)
  • New Hymnals 220 needed @ $24 each. Total including additional resources, $6340  All have been funded.
  • DVD Duplicator supplying DVDs to shut-ins ($350)
  • Retractable air hose for the garage ($80)
  • “Simple-human” brand trash cans for each bathroom ($100 each) (these are like the one in the kitchen)
  • Digi-Dolly (makes our keyboard moveable) ($500)
  • $100 toward the Parsonage siding
  • KAWAI 5’2″ Baby Grand Piano for the sanctuary ($14,490)
  • Piano Cover ($300)
  • Hand held vacuum ($50)  
  • Laminator for the office  ($100)
  • Bookmarkers for the new Hymnals ($325) 
  • 2 networked office computers ($2400)
  • Serving cart for fellowship hall ($250)
  • 2 beverage coolers for the pavilion
  • 3 packs of 5 seminar tables from Lifetime ($459.98 each)
  • Green stole ($169)
  • String Cajon percussion instrument ($85)
  • LED lamp for the piano ($70)
  • Music stands (3 needed at $49 each)
  • LED candles for sanctuary windows (3-4 sets needed at $33 each)
  • New stoles for Pastor to wear that match our new paraments: blue ($149), white ($149), purple ($149), red ($169). All have been funded!
  • Table runner parament for Easter candle ($89)  
  • Keypad locks for the entry doors in the pavilion and the pole barn ($200)
  • 5 Gallon Igloo jug for drink dispensing ($37)
  • Quick Books on line for Church Treasurer and Treasurer’s Assistant ($915) 
  • Pickle-ball net and equipment $76
  • Illuminated road sign w/changeable letters, three lines of text, installed ($4450)
  • New office chair for Pastor Baldwin ($200)
  • Larger popcorn machine for church activities ($200)
  • Whiteboard for bible class 40X30 ($60)  
  • Two wall mounted 75in. TV/monitors to be used for bible classes ($600 ea.)
  • Library cart to transport bibles/hymnals ($140)
  • Speakers for back of church ($300)
  • Additional letters/numbers for the road sign ($370)
  • 20 piece punctuation set for the road sign ($54.35)
  • Three wooden flower stands for the alter area ($127 each)
  • 10X10 pop-up canopy ($60)